Character-Driven Values and Business Systems Design

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Course Description

The digital program is sponsored by the Characterpreneur® Corporate Design division of our company. 

Characterpreneur® Certification teaches corporate values development, client-centered branding and marketing design, and profitable business systems implementation strategies that can be efficiently implemented in non-religious business settings.  

Leaders who complete Characterpreneur® Certification will know the strategy, tools, and language necessary to design, build, and grow productive organizations that are rooted in Christ-centered principles.   

Characterpreneur influenced leaders and corporations have a net positive impact in the world through (1) serving their target communities with excellence, (ii) ethics-based profitability systems, and (iii) embodying judgment-free, Christ-centered principles that advance fair, equitable, just, and inclusive treatment of all people. 


After completing all training modules (which includes watching all videos), active members of the FaithFocusFlow® Leaders Institute are eligible to take the Characterpreneur® Certification exam.   Upon passing the example with a score of 90% or above, the leader will become a Certifed Characterpreneur at no additional cost.    

*** Certification is renewable annually for a minimum fee and refresher virtual masterclass.   



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