The premier business education and social media marketing training center for Christ-Centered leaders. 

The FaithFocusFlow® Institute is where leaders come to strengthen and deepen their Christ-Centered business practices.  We provide training, resources and community to completely support our leaders in building Christ-centered, judgment-free, bible-based frameworks for (1) making business decisions; (2) using social media collaboratively and profitably, and (3) leveraging the efficiency of digital technology and tools.  

Our Complete Library of Virtual Training


ALIGN to IMPACT Mastermind

ALIGN to IMPACT is a results-oriented 7-week Mastermind Program that teaches leaders how to build scripturally-sound frameworks that (i) clarify marketing messages and (ii) leverage digital technology to create effective systems for business communications and marketing.

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Character-Driven Values and Business Systems Design

Learn Christ-conscious business frameworks for (1) developing character-driven corporate values, (2) creating client-focused marketing messages, and (3) building profitable business systems in non-religious corporate, non-profit, and also municipal environments.

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Social Media Messaging and Marketing Design

Learn practical strategies for using social media to attract and convert ideal clients into paying clients on the most effective platforms for your business. Our modules focus on high-impact marketing essentials that include mindset, branding, and message delivery.

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Productive Business Fundamentals

Bibically-sound business lessons for leaders.

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Clients & Community Partners

Reflections From Our Community

"Faith Focus Flow is such a crucial component for me to keep me grounded in the principles and purpose of adding value and growing others in a Godly manner. His will be done.
Thank you for accepting your calling and developing Faith Focus Flow for us to have as people of faith in business to stay rooted in principles of faith for our businesses."
Christi Smith
“Tasha Cooper is a phenomenal branding consultant and social media trainer & coach. I have hired her on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Procurement Programs to develop several training programs and to consult with our clients. TC provides practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan of action for branding your company and using Web 2.0 strategies that will grow your business. I highly recommend her!”
Stephanie Burroughs
New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC)
"I attended a lunch and learn session that Tasha led on using social media that was outstanding. She gave a great overview of ways to grow and expand your practice through Twitter. She opened a new world to me and I’m excited about using what she taught."
Femeia Adamson, Esq.
"Thank you for the FaithFocusFlow eLetter. Your biblically inspired lessons are of great encouragement to me as I manage the business I founded from scratch. May God bless you for the wonderful work you do."
John from Nairobi, Kenya
"I have had the great pleasure of bringing Tasha in twice for entrepreneur training programs. As someone who has taught entrepreneurship for many years and brought in countless speakers and business coaches, I can say without hesitation that Tasha Cooper is the best speaker and business coach that I have ever seen. She is a brilliant business strategist who also has outstanding communication skills. You literally cannot even write down all the great business solutions that she produces! I fully recommend Tasha with my highest praise."
John Childress
I've taken a couple of TC's workshops and have had 1 on 1 coaching sessions with her to help me create and build my online brand. TC has been extremely helpful to my business. Many of the new clients that I get today have been a result of the marketing and branding ideas that TC suggested I implement. I never understood how to monetize social media until I got TC's help. I'm thankful that I took her courses and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to increase their business revenue through online marketing.
Obi Okere, M.A.

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